The 14th National Indigenous Legal Conference and 1st Indigenous Health Justice Conference was held 13/14 August in Darwin.  

We're incredibly grateful for the overwhelming, positive feedback and were pleased to showcase excellence across law and health and the hospitality of our Darwin mob.  

We're checking in with speakers to request PowerPoints and permission to upload presentations.  Please check back later.  

What our conferences are all about

In designing the conferences, we set out to share the diverse talents, perspectives and insights of Indigenous leadership in law and health.  We also recognise and embrace all people in this important work.  

If your work or role interacts with Indigenous peoples or issues, then we consider these conferences as a must.  Your attendance will enable the truly unique opportunity of hearing from a broad and diverse set of Indigenous voices, and others closely involved with these experiences. 

No other conference in 2019 will offer this unique blend of content directed, and led, by Indigenous perspectives and leadership. 

You will come into a space where our voices are prominent and where there is safety and context for grappling with the issues and challenges facing our mob.  We welcome you to a space where there will also be inspiration, hope and resilience.  

There will be main plenaries for attendees of both conferences, breakouts, workshops, panels and side events and activities.  Attendees to either conference can access any of the sessions of both conferences.   

We welcome you to these parallel conferences: